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Landpower 117-157hp

Power, performance, comfort and safety.

The new LandPower tractor has been redesigned with the adoption of the new F.P.T. Tier 3 engines and of an electronically-controlled transmission, making it ideal for all open-field applications as well as for high-speed road transport.
All models are powered with the new F.P.T. NEF 2V 6-cylinder turbo engines. Equipped with air-to air intercooler, the new engines meet the Tier 3 emission regulations and deliver up to 157 HP, providing exceptional torque and power levels.
The LandPower tractors have two different transmissions: the Speed Six, a completely mechanical transmission specially designed for the Techno and the electronically-controlled Top- Tronic transmission with Declutch Control and Reverse Power Shuttle for the Comfort and Top-Tronic. The hydraulics feature five BOSCH auxiliary valves and the front axle can be optionally supplied with L.S.A hydraulic suspensions.

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